Whale Flipper Freshwater Pump Mk4

Whale Flipper Freshwater Pump Mk4
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The Classic Whale Flipper Galley Pump is one of the most easily recognisable classic galley pump designs of recent times, produced since the 1960s these manual pumps are self-priming and the simplest way of pumping fresh water to your Galley area.

  • Ideal for installing between two sinks- swivelling outlet
  • Fine flow control
  • Easy operation - Light back & forth pump action
  • Suitable for fresh water and saltwater
  • 7 ltrs capacity (1.85 US gals) per minute


  • Overall height;303mm.
  • Above worktop height;181mm.
  • Below worktop height;122mm.
  • Hole diameter[for mounting];51mm.
  • Spout projection;113mm.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Dimensions - length 11cm width 6cm - hole would need to be cut at least 5cm
  • Swivelling spout.



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Whale Flipper Freshwater Pump Mk4