Shackles & Quick Links

Shackles & Quick Links We have a wide range of shackles and shackle tools. Our shackles come in a range of different sizes and designs including D Shackles, Bow Shackles, Halyard Shackles, Long D shackles, Wide D Shackles, Captive pin D Shackles, Countersunk Pin Shackles and Twisted shackles.
Our range of shackles are mainly manufactured in stainless steel so are rust proof, but we do have some brass shackles and Galvanised shackles.
We also have a selection of quick links and chain connecting links as well as shackle tools for use with our shackles.  
RWO Shackle Key/Multi Tool  | Galvanised Shackles | Stainless Steel Shackles | Brass Shackles | Zinc Plated Shackles


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