Outboard Engine Paint

Weather resistant fast drying spray lacquer suitable for painting and repairs. Combined nitro-acrylic paint for retouching marine engines

•Finish: Gloss Vehicle: Nitro-acrylic resin Pigment: All pigments used are organic, free of heavy metals like Chromium or Lead.

•Solvent: Nitro-synthetic solvent mixture Density: 1.030 - 1.050 g/cm3 Viscosity at 20°C: 28" - 30" TF8. 70" - 110" TF4

•Solubility: Insoluble in water. Removable with Acetone and/or nitro solvent.

•Coverage: With a 400ml can, a coverage of approx. 4 m2 can be obtained.

•Drying: Fast-drying spray paint. Depending on atmospheric conditions, the dust-dry time varies between 10 & 15 minutes. Complete, thorough drying after 6-8 hours.



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