Fuel Set 500ml Dosemeter bottle

Fuel Set 500 ml
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Liquid Engineering

Fuel Set is a complete, concentrated fuel conditioner with extensive benefits - just one product really can do all this!.

  • Fuel Set Works with petrol, diesel,gasoil, two-stroke & heating oil.
  • Fuel Set Removes water
  • Fuel Set Kills and dissolves the ‘diesel bug’ (Cladisporium resinae).
  • Fuel Set Cleans up the fuel system removes gum, waxes, resins & acids from filters and injectors.
  • Fuel Set Keeps the fuel system clean thereby extending filter life
  • Fuel Set Engines run smoother
  • Fuel Set Reduces maintenance costs
  • Fuel Set Reconditions old, degraded fuel
  • Fuel Set Lowers emissions
  • Fuel Set Restores lost fuel economy
  • Fuel Set isConcentrated & economical - Pays for itself! 4000:1 ratio
  • Fuel Set is Environmentally responsible
  • Fuel Set isEasy to use

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Fuel Set 500 ml