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Dragonfly 5DVS Fishfinder/Sonar

Dragonfly 5DVS Fishfinder/Sonar
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The Raymarine Dragonfly 5DVS gives you dual CHIRP sonar channels, which are a traditional sonar and the new Downvision. Unlike standard fish finders that transmit at a single frequency with each pulse, Raymarines’s dual channel sonar uses CHIRP technology to transmit across a wide spectrum of sonar frequencies simultaneously, this gives you much higher-resolution and life-like sonar images.
The Dragonfly has a fully weatherproof optically bonded display that delivers brighter colours whith sharper contrast, and will never mist up. The Dragonfly 5DVS is mounted on an innovative ball and socket mounting system that allows you to mount your dragonfly in tight spaces and easy to position for optimum viewing. Supplied with a CHIRP Transom mount transducer.

  • Display Size: 5 in
  • Display Resolution: 800 x 480 WVGA
  • Aspect Ratio: 15:9
  • Transducer cable length: 6m (19.7 ft.)
  • Nominal Supply Voltage 12 V DC
  • Operating Voltage Range 10.8 V DC to 15.6 V DC
  • Waterproofing Standard IPX6 and IPX7
  • Sonar Channels 2 Channels - Sonar conical beam + DownVision™ wide fan beam
  • Depth Range: CHIRP DownVision™- 183m (600ft) and CHIRP traditional Sonar - 275m (900ft)

Part#: 13645

Sale Price: £189.95
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RRP: £425.00

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Dragonfly 5DVS Fishfinder/Sonar