Cup Washers

Cup Washers
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Slightly raised brass washer which is made of bronze and so is corrosion resistant. These washers can be placed under a screw to prevent damage to surfaces. These washers come in a selection of sizes and packages.  

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Cup Washers
1167 Holt A413 Brass Cup Washers Fit 3mm Screw Pack 20
Holt Part No. A413, to fit screw Gauge: 4/5 or 3mm, Qty: 4
Pack 20 - £1.60
1168 Holt A414 Brass Cup Washers Fit 3.5mm Screw Pack 20
Holt Part No. A414, to fit screw Gauge: 6 or 3.5mm, Qty: 4
Pack 20 - £2.00
1169 Holt A415 Brass Cup Washers Fit 4mm Screw Pack 10
Holt Part No. A415, to fit screw Gauge: 7/8 or 4mm, Qty: 4
Pack 10 - £1.60
1170 Holt A416 Brass Cup Washers Fit 5mm Screw Pack 10
Holt Part No. A416, to fit screw Gauge: 9/10 or 5mm, Qty: 4
Pack 10 - £2.00