Antifouls And Underwater Coatings

Antifouls And Underwater Coatings Antifouling is one of the most important painting jobs you can do to protect your boat. It is vital to protect your boat with antifouling paint, to prevent fouling colonising the surface, making it difficult to remove. Antifouling paint will prevent fouling organisms, such as barnacles, weeds and slime, attaching themselves to the hull of your boat - a fouled hull can cause serious problems which can affect the performance and durability of the hull, therefore prevention is much better than cure. Here at chandlery world we have a large selection of antifouling’s for different applications and fouling conditions, such as hull blacking, eroding antifouls, self-polishing antifouls and hard antifouls for high speed craft, from manufacturer’s Hempel, International and Rylards.


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